Feels Like Fall

This is a new site for me. I had my professional site for years but at some point I got a little lost in the work. This site is for new things – to post images that I like and talk about the feelings they give me. My work has always revolved around people and faces and the emotions evoked from the body language of a person. This site is solely for me to enjoy and find my passion in photography again. I’ll post about the work I’m making in the moments that I’m living out. If you stop by, comment! I would love to hear from you!

This image was a snapshot of my two nephews. The elder is like a little brother to me and the youngest is a tornado – all boy and all feelings and energy and roaring while running around yelling “hulk smash.” I took a moment on a vacation to the beach to take a photo and I saw their eyes in it and knew my camera caught a true moment. There’s something really nice about people’s eyes. They always tell the truth.


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